Laura Ingraham Wants to Defund ... The Military?

Yesterday at a House of Armed Services Committee, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Mark Milley delivered a cogent response to questions about critical race theory. He said that it’s the military’s duty to better comprehend the country they serve. Things like the Capitol riot and white rage are pathways to better understanding the American people, who make up the military’s ranks. Milley emphasized the importance that military leaders remain well read and work to understand social movements and phenomena in the United States. He certainly didn’t endorse critical race theory, but he expressed an interest in familiarizing himself with it.

By any metric, Milley’s comments were measured and well thought out. They’re exactly what you’d want to hear from the country’s highest ranking military officer. Unless you’re Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

Ingraham described herself as “totally outraged” over Milley’s comments. But her whining about military wokeness brought her to an interesting place. “We are sending out tax dollars to this military,” she says. “Why is Congress not saying ‘we’re not gonna give you a penny’ until all this is eradicated from the military budget?”

Folks, it’s official. Laura Ingraham wants to defund the military.

Okay, obviously that’s a joke. Ingraham only wants to withhold funding that goes into anything misaligned with her worldview. If that endless taxpayer money paying for equipment and weaponry (like 40,000 pound bombs) designed to keep America’s imperialist boot on the world’s neck, that’s cool. But teaching military members race theory? That’s insidious woke ideology at play, the kind that’s going to destroy our military and our country.

Frankly, it’s rich Ingraham thinks millions of taxpayer dollars are going into teaching military officers critical race theory. Set aside the fact the military could afford to do it, given their $715 billion budget. Ingraham’s purposely distorting what Milley said—that officers should read things to understand them—for the sole purpose of making a point that goes against the central tenets of conservative ideology. More money for the military = good. It would be easier if Ingraham to simply attack Milley directly, which she’ll undoubtedly do going forward. But that puts her in a difficult spot—how can you be an unconditional troop supporter while attacking the highest ranked troop? Tune into The Ingraham Angle to find out, I guess.

But it also says something that Ingraham’s reflexive triggered response is to call for defunding. Hers was one of the loudest voices decrying movements to defund police departments over the past year. You could call it an acknowledgement that defunding arguments work, because they get to the core of what allows a military or police force to operate the way they do. The most effective way to change behavior is to reduce funding. Some big-brained conservative (Ingraham herself?) will probably come along explain the differences, which is fair, because there are some.

By rejecting one tenet of conservative ideology (endless military funding), though, Ingraham is endorsing another: it’s okay when I do it for my reasons but not when you do it for yours. Whatever she does is good and whatever the left does it bad, logic be damned. Defunding works when it’s protecting our students or troops from nebulous, fictional wokeness instead, but if you use it to try preventing police killings and over-policing you hate America.  The equation is simple. Just don’t think too hard trying to understand it.