Last Minute Holiday Gifts For The Athletes in Your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. ‘Tis the season of manically running around the mall trying to find a gift that says “I care about you” without breaking the bank. Here are a few gift ideas for the athlete in your life.

Race Entry

When you sign you and your loved one up for a race you’ll complete together, you’re not just giving them a startline to look forward to. You’re giving them an experience you can share together. My favorite races have been those I’ve signed up for, trained for and completed with friends. Browse UltraSignup for a trail race near you or Running in the USA for road races.

Coffee Subscription

Coffee snobs are often athletes and athletes are often coffee snobs. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Nothing makes a coffee lover happier than good fresh beans. Subscription services make a wonderful gift. Atlas, Bean Box and Mistobox are great places to start.


Headlamps are probably the most underrated piece of gear for those new to the outdoors. But anyone who has spent time in the great outdoors after the sun has set knows that a good headlamp will make or break your adventure. A cheap, dim headlamp can mean a bad step resulting in injury. Give the gift of light this year. Petzl makes my favorite headlamps in the business but Blackdiamond and Night Ize also have a lot of great options.

23 And Me

Chances are your athlete has at least one fitness tracker measuring their heart rate, mileage and other data to improve their strength or pace. A 23andMe kit could expand their data set to include muscle composition and if they’re predisposed to performing better at endurance sports or power sports.

Recovery IV

Image via Piqsels

These days, health and wellness addicts are getting their nutrient fix through IV drips. Pop-up IV therapy spas are a norm throughout the country, with companies like OnisIV Reviv and NutriDrip offering menus of vitamin transfusions that promise to boost everything from immunity to mood and libido. After the 2019 Leadville 100, I was gifted an IV treatment that held hopes of improving my 100-mile recovery. I walked in a skeptic and at the very least walked out hydrated.

Appointment With a Personal Trainer

If the athlete in your life is like me, they want to get strong. I have always strived to be the most well-rounded athlete I can be but when I step in the gym, I’m struck by how little I know about weight lifting and strength. Book your loved one an appointment with a personal trainer so they can learn how to navigate the gym with a pro and get a strength program that is tailored to their weaknesses and their sport.


When training for a race or competition, alcohol abstinence is often non-negotiable. But living sans booze doesn’t mean you need to be a slave to La Croix. SodaStream’s new Fizzi One Touch makes three levels of carbonation, meaning endless varieties of hangover-free and low-waste fun until race day.