Labor Day End of Summer Indie Playlist

School’s starting again, everyone’s back from vacation and Labor Day has snuck its way back into our lives as the official fall-time pre-game.

Songs that were just released this year are here to get you through this bittersweet holiday celebrating a good work ethic, but also symbolizing the end to summer. Even though it’s technically still around 90 degrees in NYC, it’s time to at least start thinking about which sweaters to dust off from last year.

So enjoy your last weekend of summer flings and get your head back in the game with this indie playlist below.


BOYTOY, “NY Rip Off”

If this badass NY trio can’t whip you into shape, then I don’t know what can.


The Beths, “Uptown Girl”

Here’s a power pop song to get your ass up in the morning for work or school after a night of too much drinking.


Gringo Star, “Back to the City”

A cool-kid anthem to blast in the car as you leave whatever vacation your own to come back home.


Fred Thomas, “Good Times Are Gone Again”

And here’s a song to cry to as you sit on the edge of your bed early in the morning trying to force yourself back into work mode.


Massage, “Breaking Up”

Unfortunately, this is about the time everyone says goodbye to their summer fling—here’s a song for that.


Gnarcissists, “We All Just Wanna”

A punk thrasher to work out some aggression, but also because we all just wanna get by in NYC.


The Babe Rainbow, “Cool Cat Vibe”

Now this song will calm you down, because you gotta look cool in front of the cool kids at school and/or in the office.


Pllush, “3:45”

Indie rockers Pllush have a song to help lift you up around that afternoon slump time.


The Muckers, “This Town Will Drag Us Down”

This psych rockin’ song by NYC-based The Muckers is mighty relatable to anyone who works in a big city.


Melody’s Echo Chamber, “Breathe In, Breathe Out”

Melody’s Echo Chamber is here to remind you you’ve got this, just remember to breathe.


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