Korean Skate Punk and CBD This Week on BTRtoday

In a normal day, it’s fine to solve problems in normal ways. It usually works. But sometimes everyday problems overpower commonplace solutions and you have to turn to unconventional methods. For example, is your regular pain relief falling short? Maybe CBD can help. Did the federal government shutdown you created keep your kitchen staff at home? Buy a crapload of fast food for football players. Hired a racist conservative as a morning show host? Buy out her $70 million contract. Sometimes even the most routine problems need a little outside-the-box thinking. We’ve got those covered and more this week on BTRtoday.

Drinking Boys & Girls Choir Are Keeping Punk Alive In Korea

They love to drink and they love to rock, meet the skate punks who won’t give up.


Megyn Kelly’s NBC Settlement is Crazy. NBC Was Crazier to Ever Hire Her.

Now that she’s finally split from “Today,” here’s a retrospective on the fast-falling Fox host.

Creating the Ideal Presidential Fast Food Buffet

Improving on Trump’s weak “great American food” spread.

CBD Promises a Lot For Athletes. Can it Deliver?

The hemp-derived compound may ease soreness and relieve pain without the drawbacks of other pain relievers.

Battle! Hip-Hop in Armor @ The Met

It’s Showtime NYC lit up the Metropolitan Museum Of Art’s Arms and Armor department with hip-hop dance.