Kentucky Fried Queer Punks GRLwood Make Spotify’s Pop-Heavy Chart

Spotify isn’t dedicated to any one genre. The platform hosts any band that has music to go around. But its top-played songs are still completely pop-centric.

If you “browse all” on Spotify and find yourself in the charts section, you usually see names like Ariana Grande, The Weekend, Drake, etc.—all those names that have big dollar signs attached to them. That’s why when BTRtoday discovered GRLwood on the Spotify chart “United States Viral 50,” we did a double-take.

GRLwood, a punk duo from Kentucky, are nothing like the pop stars mentioned above. Their playing fields are grungy dive bars and torn up basements for their sweaty and high-energy punk shows that usually include a whirlwind of a moshpit (before COVID-19, that is). We raised hell with them in August 2018 at their show in Manhattan with NYC greasy party punks Gnarcissists and Retail.

BTRtoday also chatted with them in June 2018 when their debut LP Daddy was just released. This album includes the song “I’m Yer Dad,” which has now been floating between the 30’s and 40’s-rank of Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50 chart over the past week. Tuesday it was at No. 39 and just yesterday it was at No. 46.

The song is a classic raw and fast-paced punk song that slaps you hard in the face. It’s a song making fun of the uber-macho manly men father figures who love to talk about sports, porn, and beer in their man caves.

Karen Ledford, one-half of GRLwood, told BTRtoday in 2018 that “Daddy” is a “very, very loaded word” in American slang culture. “It’s a word that can reflect the desire of male dominance over women,” she added.

How did such a cool underground pop song break the top 50 chart, a realm of overproduced songs that took loads of money to make? No idea. In March, SonaBLAST! Records released a video featuring the song as part of an upcoming film entitled Roommate Wanted coming out winter 2020-21, which appears to be a low-budget horror film. The video has over 65k views and features GRLwood playing a party in an empty swimming pool.

Could this be the reason their song went viral?

Perhaps. But one commenter, who goes by Alex Laycock, says he discovered the song through TikTok. When searching it on the app, it says the song appears in over 200.1k videos. Most of the TikTok clips include teenagers doing what they’re known to do best—being rebellious.

@azarialuvsagletsDAY 3: “no skirts above the knee” ? we got detention today!! ?? ##fyp ##PlayWithLife ##myaesthetic ##detention ##dresscode♬ I’m Yer Dad – GRLwood


@eboyalisha##pov we’re the kids in the back of the classroom trying to get sent to detention so we can avoid home @bb.eight♬ I’m Yer Dad – GRLwood

Has GRLwood’s “I’m Yer Dad” become the new anthem for rebellious teens? It’s become popular enough to break into one of Spotify’s top 50 charts, so we’re rooting for it. Maybe GRLwood’s infectious raw punk in-your-face power is setting a new trend of punk music back in the charts.

Listen to the entire Spotify US Viral Top 50 playlist here—and if you’re a fan of GRLwood, you most likely will not like the rest of the songs on it.