Jordan Peterson’s Questionable Parenting Advice

The newest hero of the alt-right to slam diversity and fetishize masculinity hates, among other things, ‘Frozen’

It’s hard to say what Jordan Peterson’s weirdest piece of parenting advice is. The Canadian psychology professor and best-selling author believes Frozen is dangerous propaganda. He believes that if your child is exposed to diversity at school, parents should homeschool them immediately. He teaches young boys to stand up straight and accept responsibility, then throws a fit on twitter when people criticize his work.

He’s like Stefan Molyneux meets Dr. Phil.

While he actually has some sound advice for parents, such as letting your kids try things themselves, get messy and make mistakes, those sane and sensible suggestions are drowned out by a mile-wide nasty streak.

He’s become an overnight sensation but he’s been peddling insane theories on parenting and gender for decades now. Here are some of his other pieces of advice for parents.

Take Them Out of School to Protect Them From Diversity

When Peterson discussed the dangers of diversity and equality with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, the pair painted schools as dangerous places for students. Not because of the threat of shootings or anything like that, but because kids might be exposed to mildly liberal ideas.

“If you have your children in a school and they talk about equity in his class and they talk about equity, diversity, inclusivity, white privilege, systemic racism, any of that, you take your children out of the class,” Peterson. “They’re not being educated; they’re being indoctrinated. And there’s absolutely no excuse for it.”

Searching for a school that refuses to teach children about racism and the importance of inclusivity? Carlson jokingly suggested,  “you might run out of schools pretty quickly, here in this country.”

“That would be just fine. The sooner the better,” Peterson responded.

Surely there’s a public school somewhere in America racist enough for Peterson.

Prepare Your Daughter for Marriage, Not a Career

“How do we revive the good mother archetype?” Peterson asks in his lecture “Women at Thirty.” He bemoans the reality that modern women attend college to pursue careers, not to snare husbands. As a result, he says, women experience a crisis in their 30s when we start wanting a man and a baby we can homeschool about the evils of liberalism.

“Why aren’t there more women in positions of power?” Peterson asks. “Wrong question.” The right one is “why are there any men at all who want those positions?” Like if a bully steals your lollipop at recess then tells you it tastes gross and you wouldn’t like it anyway.

Bring back the MRS degree, Peterson argues. Go to school for that husband.

Stick to Classic Disney

Peterson believes the hit Disney flick <em<Frozen is “deeply propagandistic” for upending traditional gender roles. In contrast, he loves Sleeping Beauty because the prince and princess fulfill what he considers natural gender roles. “Consciousness,” he argues in 12 Rules For Life, “is symbolically masculine and has been since the beginning of time.”

The heroine of Sleeping Beauty was literally brought to consciousness by the prince, a man she was pledged to in an arranged marriage. This, Peterson believes, is the natural order.

Frozen is just Hollywood trying to turn your daughter into a lesbian.