Jeff Flake Still Sucks, Part 2

You already knew he sucked. Turns out Jeff Flake sucks even more.

After releasing a hollow statement condemning Donald Trump back in October, Flake put offered up another meaningless gesture. This time it focused on the Senate race in Alabama.

That’s Senator Jeff Flake’s $100 check to the campaign of Democrat Doug Jones, who is running against Alabama Senator Roy Moore, who’s likely to become a Senator despite multiple accusations of preying on and sexually assaulting teen girls.

In theory, this is a great gesture—it’s a Republican politician taking a stand against his party’s abandonment of morality. That is, of course, until you remember that Flake isn’t running for re-election and has nothing to lose. In that context, the check comes off similarly to his anti-Trump statement—a meager effort made entirely to save a little face, as well as the hope that more GOPers will share his sentiments and do the same (hint: they won’t).

As per usual, the left side of Twitter mashed it to bits.

There was one Republican to speak out, though—Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who criticized Flake and showed a little belief in Americans.

Unfortunately for him, the left saw right through that too.