Jane Church Leads BTRtoday's Weekly Top 30

1. Jane Church, Calimocho Molotov! (Greenway)


Jane Church “This Here City”

2. Nehiyawak, Starlight EP (Arts & Crafts)
3. Grapetooth, s/t (Polyvinyl)
4. Foxwarren, s/t (Anti-/Arts & Crafts)
5. Mattiel, Customer Copy (Burger)
6. Fulton Lights, Moonwalking Into the Future (Self-Released)
7. Doe Paoro, Soft Power (Anti-)
8. The Flesh Eaters, I Used To Be Pretty (Yep Roc)
9. Zoe Boekbinder, Shadow (Self-Released)
10. Wussy, What Heaven Is Like (Shake-It)
11. Surfbort, Friendship Music (Cult/Fat Possum)
12. Jasmin Kaset & Quichenight, Tuxedo (Self-Released)
13. Dan Mangan, More Or Less (Arts & Crafts)
14. Chemtrails, Cuckoo Spit EP (PNKSLM)
15. Rose Droll, Your Dog (Father/Daughter)
16. Linen Closet, s/t (Self-Released)
17. Savak, Beg Your Pardon (Ernest Jenning)
18. Lisa/Liza, Momentary Glance (Orindal)
19. Audiobooks, Now!…In A Minute (Heaveny/PIAS)
20. Tomorrows Tulips, Harnessed To Flesh (Burger)
21. Sunshine & The Rain, Beneath The Stars (Ernest Jenning)
22. Arre! Arre!, A.T.T.A.C.K. (PNKSLM)
23. Tropa Magica, s/t (Tropi)
24. Gabe Goodman, Dismissing The Gardener EP (Salient)
25. Nylon Smile, Angel Of Doubt (Citrus City)
26. Lambda Celsius, Ana Echo And The Beauty Of Indifference (Scorpion Beach/Banana Tapes)
27. Strange Ranger, How It All Went By EP (Tiny Engines)
28. Julia Holter, Aviary (Domino)
29. Kramies, Of All The Places Been & Everything The End (Hidden Shoal)
30. Mel Parsons, Glass Heart (Cape Road)