Jack White, Owen Shroyer and LinkedIn Annoy Us This Week on BTRtoday

Like you, the people at BTRtoday get annoyed by plenty of things. Sometimes the annoyances are petty, like having to stand in a crowded subway or when the takeout place gets your lunch order wrong. Other times, our grievances arise from circumstances particular to us. Like Infowars hosts who agree to an interview only to ghost. Or LinkedIn notifications. Or Jack White.

The good news is that when we get a little frustrated, we can channel our annoyance into sparkling words and scintillating pictures. Check out what you might’ve missed this week on BTRtoday.

Owen Shroyer Called Me a Coward

If you want someone to notice you, just keep writing about dumb stuff they do. It worked with Owen Shroyer.

How Annoying Can Jack White Be?

It’s a bummer.

Photos From The Road With Native Sun

While these punk rockers traveled far and wide, they ended up in the same place night after night: music city, baby.

LinkedIn’s Quick Replies Add an Impersonal Touch

The site wants to make you feel bad for declining to spend two seconds click-congratulating someone you barely know for something you don’t care about.

Your Oktoberfest Guide to 5 German Beer Styles

Prost to Pilsner: German Beers to Drink During Oktoberfest.

DEATH MATCH X: R.I.P. Tender Trap

We barely made it out alive from our second photo-taking foray into Brooklyn no-ring wrestling.