Ivanka Trump’s “Punk Phase” Is 100 Percent Ridiculous

Is there a single person out there who believes Ivanka Trump really had a punk phase?

Obviously it’s not true. She’s been photographed her entire life, been on TV, been grossly hit on by Daddy POTUS while on camera. If she shaved her head and pierced her face in the ‘90s, it would have been a New York Post cover story or at the very least a Page Six item. Also just—it’s Ivanka Trump and of course she didn’t.

I truthfully went through a “punk phase” in middle school. It involved a lot of Hot Topic bracelets and DIY haircuts over the bathroom sink while listening to Green Day’s American Idiot. But, unlike Ivanka Trump, I am not complicit in the actions of my evil father. I also never I vigorously campaigned for the oppression of women while pretending to advocate female empowerment. Middle school me pretending to be badass in my knock-off combat boots was adorable, if embarrassing to me now. Ivanka Trump claiming the punk mantle, however, is emblematic of her faux-relatability, laying bare the radical disconnect between her and the vast majority of American women.

Relating her love of “punk” band Nirvana (they were grunge), Ivanka recalls “crying inconsolably” for “twenty-four hours” until her mother, “who had no idea who Kurt Cobain was,” made her come out for dinner. It’s an interesting implication, that her mother was just so out of touch with the hip youth of the day. Because it’s hard to find someone more out of touch than Ivanka Trump. Her book Women Who Work includes such gems as comparing business with slavery, while using a Toni Morrison quote from Beloved, a book about actual slavery.

Then there’s the fact that she hardly acknowledges, in any of her books or public appearances, the women who work for her. No, I don’t mean executives at her fashion line or The Trump Organization. I mean her nannies, housekeepers, drivers and, of course, the women paid slave wages to make Ivanka Trump clothing. It would be difficult to find a more powerful women so happily blind to the suffering she enables.

Punk and feminism have been intertwined since the Riot Grrrl movement of the 1990s. To be a “punk” woman meant (and means) believing reproductive autonomy is paramount to women’s liberation. The availability of oral contraception and the legalization of abortion were fundamental in ensuring women’s economic freedom.

If she really wants to be punk, she could stick it to the literal patriarchy and tell Donald where he can stick his political policies. But instead she’s enmeshed in daddy’s campaign to keep women jobless and pregnant. Where was she when her father removed Obama-era protections for women who are sexually harassed in the workplace? When we all found out he himself likes to grab ‘em by the pussy? When he removed federal requirements that employers pay for employees’ birth control? Where has she been for his entire presidency?

You know what would be super punk, Ivanka? Telling your dad to go f**k himself and handing out condoms in every high school in America.