Ivanka Trump Applauds Oprah And Nobody Wants It

Oh, Ivanka. Almost no American women want her in our club but she still keeps showing up with gift baskets full of grrrl power buzzwords. She’ll jump on any bandwagon with approval ratings higher than her dad’s. This time, that’s Oprah.

In a truly ill-advised tweet, Ivanka loudly expressed “support” for Oprah after her rousing speech at the Golden Globes, which had many calling for President Oprah.

People had none of it.


This hero pointed out what niche Ivanka should really aim to please:


While I don’t normally approve of blaming women for the shitty actions of evil men in their lives, I’ll totally allow it here:

Ivanka is a savvy political operator. She’s not a helpless bystander to her father’s administration; she’s taken an active role since the beginning of his campaign. Everything she does and says is reprehensible and counter to every second of Oprah’s speech.

Don’t worry though, Ivanka. You can still hang with Lena Dunham, who rolled into a Time’s Up photo shoot without having contributed anything for the fund or done the work to make it possible. Both women profit off the popularity of intersectional feminism while doing absolutely nothing for non-white women.

This isn’t the first time Ivanka has tried to appeal to liberal women. The best was last year, when she bragged about having a “punk phase” in her teens. I suppose liberal women, women of color, LGBTQ women, we should all be flattered Ivanka wants in the club so hard. Ivanka, you’re totally welcome if you change literally everything about yourself.

Of course, conservative toilet paper The Daily Wire spun it a little differently, blaming Twitter darling Chrissy Teigen for “ripping” Ivanka, who was only “praising” Oprah.

Interestingly, the article calls Teigen Ivanka’s “seemingly inevitable political opponent.” While Teigen is certainly a witty Twitter presence and seems like a super chill lady, she’s not a politician. She doesn’t control a million-dollar company that profits off the labor of poor brown women. She shoots music videos with husband John Legend (I mean they’re super good sexy videos, don’t get me wrong). She does McDonald’s commercials for award shows. She’s not a legitimate member of the political elite and she doesn’t whisper into the ear of the most powerful man in the world.

You know what? This article might actually be onto something. Yes, a supermodel should be Ivanka’s political enemy, because Ivanka doesn’t belong in politics.

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