Is The NRA Feeling Triggered?

Grab your guns. Liberals are on the loose again.

That’s the message in the National Rifle Association’s new ad. Conservative radio host Dana Loesch speaks directly into the camera, referring to the freedom-killing, Trump-hating liberals as the loathsome other. They’re using “their media” to attack “real news,” “their schools” to tear down the president, “their movie stars and comedy shows” to push their narrative.

The ad was crafted to hit with maximum ballistic force, but it proves the NRA is running out of ammo. The organization always shoots at the same target, hoping to spike membership by pinning America’s downfall on whatever might still stick. But Obama is out of office and Hillary never got there. There is no menacing liberal leader upon which the organization can slap its famous “they’re coming for your guns” narrative. With no boogeyman, the NRA’s paranoia power is gone.

The next best thing is to broaden the focus, to ride the wave of fear that got Trump elected in the first place. It’s not Hillary or Obama causing the problems now, it’s all the goddamn liberal agitators with their highway-blocking protests and resistance talk. Even more reason to arm yourselves–it’s half the country now, and these crazy fucks are everywhere. And boy, if they ever get their way, you’re gonna wish you had a semi-automatic waiting in your gun safe.

If you’re tired of this story, it’s because you’ve heard it for years. Liberals have morphed from helpless snowflakes crying in safe spaces to an organized mob aiming to destroy free speech and overthrow our dear leader. One of those two portrayals has been the crux of every anti-libtard argument made over the past decade. Yet conservatives have failed to answer how liberals can possibly be both at the same time.

It’s not up to the NRA to answer that question, either. It’s probably too complicated for them anyway. The organization’s responsibility isn’t American safety or to represent certain gun owners. The NRA answers only to itself. So they will continue to use their powerful lobby to sway lawmakers. They’ll use their celebrity members to push their narrative and refute real gun facts. And they’ll continue to make advertisements that prey on the basic fears of their angry base.

The NRA didn’t create this fear, but as usual they’re aiming to capitalize on it.