Is The Avril Lavigne Conspiracy Happening To Grimes?

Conspiracy theorist say Avril Lavigne is gone. But, if we act quickly, there might still be time to save Grimes.

The Avril Lavigne conspiracy started swirling around the Internet in 2011. A Brazilian fan site claimed she committed suicide after recording her sophomore album Under My Skin and was replaced by a woman named Melissa. Melissa was a look-alike actress hired by Lavigne to pose as her and confuse the paparazzi trailing the pop punk princess.

Kind of an out-there theory, but the change in Lavigne’s style was quite drastic. She went from pop punk riffs and dark melodies with songs about depression and angst, to full-on pink and sparkles pop star jingles, songs about Hello Kitty and stealing people’s boyfriends.

Avril Lavigne, “My Happy Ending”

What happened?

The conspiracy claims Lavigne couldn’t handle her sudden fame. While she was working on Under My Skin the pressure became crippling. Then her grandfather passed and she just couldn’t stand it anymore and committed suicide. If you listen closes to the lyrics from this album they are pretty emotional. The most well-known track from it is “My Happy Ending” a song about something ending and Lavigne losing her “happy ending.” Sounds like possible foreshadowing.

The Lavigne who exists now, whether she’s the real one or not, you have to admit, is full-on pop and no punk. She most recently ditched the sk8er bois and started dating a billionaire.

Sound familiar? Cue Grimes.

Grimes, “Flesh Without Blood/Life In The Vivid”

Though always pop, in the beginning Grimes was known for bringing some experimental/punk influences to the world of Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus. She’s said Bikini Kill was among her main influences and the media’s deemed her style “goth punk.” If you were ever a Tumblr kid at some point, Grimes was your dark rainbow emo-queen.

Grimes is still pop music for all intents and purposes, but with some hints of punk influences, like Lavigne in the good old days. But lately, Grimes has started to show some signs of living a more pop star lifestyle. Her most recent and shocking proof of living like a pop star is her appearance on the Met Gala red carpet with the arm candy of polarizing tech billionaire Elon Musk. (Which must’ve shocked the dashboards of Tumblr scrollers everywhere.)

Her last release in 2015 Art Angels, though definitely her most pop influenced album, is still pretty classic Grimes. It’s bizarre and dark with unique experimental beats and vocal transitions. So there might still be hope that Grimes is the real Grimes. But that was 2015. It’s been three years, so lots could have happened since then. Our answer might come with the release of her upcoming album which she tweeted would come out this fall.

If there’s a track about Hello Kitty on it, we know something has to be up.

(supposedly) Avril Lavigne, “Hello Kitty”