Introducing King Pizza's 'Best of BTR Vol. 1'

King Pizza is, hands down, one of the top labels for underground garage rock—especially for NYC bands.

If you’ve always wondered what the world of sweaty basement punk shows are like, how DIY tours comprised of a crew of random friends go down, or wanted to meet musicians who you’ll love no matter what (kinda like pizza), then you have to tune in to King Pizza Records.

BTRtoday and King Pizza have a special bond, and we work with each other often. Now, the label has released a compilation of their favorite BTR Live Studio sessions with their bands. We’re already obsessed and you should be too. Killer bands like The Royal They, TOP Nachos, Daddies, and so many others.

Plus, if this is “Vol. 1” that’s insinuating there’s going to be a “Vol. 2” later, which gives us something to look forward during these dreary days in quarantine.

So press play, buy the digital album to help out this awesome small label and the bands on its roster, and watch some of the Live Studio sessions included in King Pizza’s Best of BTR Vol. 1 below.

“Donate to the Bands” by TOP Nachos for BTR Live Studio, 2019


“Use Your Words” by Lumps for BTR Live Studio, 2018


“Sludgefucker”  by The Royal They for BTR Live Studio, 2018


“Heart” by Daddies for BTR Live Studio, 2019


“Nerd Alert”  by The Mad Doctors for BTR Live Studio, 2018