Instagram's New Update Removes Easiest Creeping Feature

Instagram is social media platform du jour. It’s where we keep up with our friends and favorite celebrities, post tributes, watch sports highlights, ogle hot people and stalk our spouses, crushes and potential dates.

At least until Instagram’s latest update.

For the uninitiated, the “following” tab was where you could keep up with people’s likes, follows and comments. Apparently it was designed to “discover new posts,” but it’s most prevalent use was obvious: keeping tabs on people you want to bone.

Now if someone wants to Insta-creep on a potential love interest, they’ll really have to commit—visiting their page, checking up on new followers and rummaging through tagged posts. But the following tab was more than just a stalker’s paradise. It was a place to expand your Instagram horizons by seeing what accounts and corners of the platform others were exploring. And yeah that’s kinda stalker-y, but isn’t the point of social media discovering and sharing interests?

Even still, the Instagram following tab isn’t that big of a loss. It’ll be a week before we’re all adjusted and re-addicted to this new normal. And if it’s any solace, Instagram has just introduced a “dark mode.” A sign of the bleak, stalk-less times.