Indie Super Stars Cover Blink-182’s ‘Dude Ranch’ for Charity and It Absolutely Rules

It’s undeniable that Blink-182 are pop-punk pioneers that forced the world to stop ignoring the teen angst that remains inside all of us well into adulthood. Their albums from the ‘90s and early ‘00s still inspire misunderstood kids today and still fill the hearts of original fans even as they age into their 30s.

So, it’s not surprising that the band has inspired some of today’s best indie rockers into action, coming together for charity and covering Blink-182’s prolific sophomore album Dude Ranch. The compilation entitled It’s Never Over Till It’s Done, is $5 via Bandcamp and all proceeds are going to funds helping Black trans communities like the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, SNapCO, The Trans Justice Project, and more.

Musicians like Lisa Prank, Adult Mom, Retirement Party and so many more rock out the classic tracks that first brought Blink-182 and pop-punk to the spotlight. One of the greatest things about Blink-182’s music is that no matter who is performing, the tracks retain that sweet pop-punk goodness. Even Sam Sutherland’s autotuned version of the 1997 rager “Enthused” still oozes with that angst and passion Blink-182 spearheaded into pop-punk. And, of course, the single that first made Blink-182 popular “Dammit” is on there—covered by New York indie/emo rockers Spirit Night.

This compilation is not only exciting because it’s many of our favorite artists rockin’ out for a good cause, but also because it is giving a new taste to the cult-like genre of pop-punk. These covers still burst with that passionate pop-punk feel that Blink-182 mastered, but have been given new undertones that thrust them into subsidiary genres like indie rock, goth/emo, and even electronic. Even the many rockers out there who tend to be strongly against pop-punk can enjoy It’s Never Over Till It’s Done. And why not? It’s for a good cause!

Rock out below, throw $5, and let your inner angst shine once again.