Indie Songs For When You’re Too High to Deal on 4/20

Wake and bake? Blunt and stunt? Edward Joints Hand? Puff, puff, pass? Toke ‘till you’re broke? No thanks. Some of us aren’t even one hit wonders. It’s, hit-and-have-a-panic-attack these days, am I right?

Some potheads out there can hit bongs for breakfast and break out the joints at the party. But for a lot of us, whether you’re an ex-stoner or a marijuana newbie, we get too high too easily. So, it’s become more of a hit-it-and-quit-it kind of relationship.

As a teen I would hit gravity bongs made from a bucket and two-liter soda bottle and melt into my seat like the girl in this anti-marijuana ad and feel like a happy lil’ cloud. Now, I take one hit of a pen and I overthink every word that comes out of my mouth. The only solution is locking myself in my room and spinning songs with soothing melodies that feel like a fluffy security blanket laying over me. So, if you’re like me the playlist below might help you out.

From one unskilled pot smoker to another, let me be your magical high guide through music. Listen below and follow the Spotify playlist at the end.


Crumb, “Locket”

This trippy and melodic tune is fun to get lost in even if you’re not too high—but if you are, blast this and you’ll feel better.


Big Thief, “Mary”

This slow and steady song nourishes you like soup for the soul while painting a beautiful picture of a simple life with love.


Squid, “The Dial”

Squid transcends all genres and are perfect for that stoner who needs some rock to snap them out of a bad moment.


Weyes Blood, “Andromeda”

The voice on Weyes Blood singer Natalie Mering is out of this world and this gentle song will get you out of your head and floating gently in space.


Combo Chimbita, “No Regreso”

The title translates to “I Don’t Return,” but you’ll want to return again and again to this beautiful Spanish language song.


Tierra Whack, ‘Whack World’

I highly recommend the 15-minute music video that goes along with this album. Each song lasts only a minute and every one of them will bring you to a different, creative world.


Billie Eilish, “Ocean Eyes”

This was Eilish’s first hit for a reason. Its soothing vocals, intricate melody are both hopeful and deep. It’ll swirl your brain in a haze of love and melancholy.


Angel Olsen, “Hi-Five”

Olsen’s echoing vocals are easy to lose yourself in—this song demonstrates her singing abilities while making you feel like you’re not alone.


Jay Som, “Baybee”

Echoing guitars, a funk beat set and Som’s gentle vocals: it’s the perfect cure to a THC-induced panic.


The Fur, “Short Stay”

This Taiwanese band says [] they named themselves The Fur because they want to make “fluffy comfy” music, which is perfect for security blanket music material.


Spirit Award, “Mountains”

This song has such an epic build to its trippy melody that it’ll keep you from concentrating on anything else, including your worries.


Bayonne, “Drastic Measures”

This upbeat experimental jam will get you feeling good.


Frankie & The Witch Fingers, “Pleasure”

The intricate guitars will have you wrapped up in melody and forgetting all of your anxiety.


Homeshake, “Just Like My”

You’ll feel safe and sound in this sultry and strange jam by R&B/indie rocker Homeshake.


Max Pain & The Groovies, “Checkin’ Out Late”

If you’re too high, you probably checked out too early, so turn this tune on to groove you back to reality.