In 2019, The Only Good Joker Halloween Costume is Jared Leto

You shouldn’t dress as the Joker for Halloween. You’ll look more try-hard than twisted no matter how you interpret it. But if you absolutely must be the Joker, be the Jared Leto joker.

Here’s why.

5. Heath Ledger Joker

The Dark Knight’s interpretation of the Joker is probably the best one. But it’s so played out you’ll look like an idiot. How played out is it? Two characters from The Office showed up to Dunder Mifflin as the Ledger Joker 10 years ago. Now that it’s 2019, absolutely no one on earth wants to know how you got those scars.

4. Jack Nicholson Joker

Jack is overlooked in Joker lore, which is a shame. His outfits were on point. Unfortunately the smile and zoot suit make him look too much like the mask from The Mask. If you’re considering this one, maybe someone should stop you.

3. Cesar Romero Joker

This costume is essentially the same as Nicholson’s Joker but the paint is a little shabbier and therefore easier to replicate. Instead of shaving, Romero just painted over his mustache, making this a great option for Joker fans who want to hang onto their facial hair. And spending your Halloween explaining that you’re dressed as a character from an 80-year-old ironic television show is sure to make you tons of new friends.

2. Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Phoenix’s Joker may be recent, but the look is an all-timer, from his suit to the classic clown face paint. But you’ve got to give the ensemble time to settle. No one wants to see a costume that reminds them of culture opinion pieces they read while bored at work.

1. Jared Leto Joker

Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad is a slam dunk Halloween costume. You’re not the newest Joker everyone’s afraid of—you’re the twisted gangster Joker everyone made fun of for months and forgot about. There are sure to be dozens of Leto Joker costumes collecting dust in a Spirit Halloween store near you. Or go a step further. Tat up your torso and face, pop in some fake grills, shave your eyebrows and get ready to win Halloween. The 18 girls who dressed as Harley Quinn for TGI Friday’s Fright Night of Tequila Shooter specials will love it.


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