I’m Here For Jenny Slate’s Abundant Horniness

Jenny Slate is horny and wants the world to know—just so long as no one’s dumb enough to try to snatch it away from her.

Speaking with Nylon, actress, comedian and voice of my heart Jenny Slate goes deep into how horniness rules everything around her. She’s kidding but completely serious. She’s asserting control over her sexuality and repurposing horniness as an unbothered source of joy.

Slate calls horniness her way of life. And while her horniness isn’t always related to sex, it’s always something to be cherished and prized. “No one’s going to take this horniness away,” she says.

She throws around the word horniness casually, which only underlines how novel her use of it is. Sure, her use of the word sounds silly. Nonetheless, her celebration of female desire is both important and necessary. In the age of Me Too, the conversation about sex is fueled by anger and focused on control, power and danger. Slate and her horny comedy kindred spirits like Rachel Bloom are trying to make desire fun.

In her TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Bloom puts female pleasure front and center. The show is an absurd comedy that regularly breaks into elaborate musical performances. Nonetheless, the show offers an all-too rare realistic portrayal of female sexuality, going where other shows have feared to tread.

Season three of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend featured a entire musical number devoted to deconstructing the widespread male misunderstanding of female orgasms. After a male character learns about the Gender Orgasm Gap, the show cracks a series of jokes about his growing discomfort the possibility that his wife has never climaxed. The peak of his despair is mined for laughs in “The Buzzing From the Bathroom,” one of the many overt mentions of female masturbation within the series.


Slate and Bloom are at the vanguard of reclaiming desire but they’re not alone. Hannah Gadsby eviscerates the toxicity of comedy by forcing her audience to confront the raw truth of the traumas that inspired her jokes in her groundbreaking stand-up special NanetteThe Good Place combines honesty about desire with sublime absurdity by having Kristen Bell fantasize about Stone Cold Steve Austin’s head on Tehani’s body. The Netflix adaptation of To All The Boys I Loved Before explores its teen protagonist’s affinity for erotica with knowing affection.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Slate are both comfortable speaking about desire. Sadly, that’s rare. In an age where women have been made to feel either victimized or vilified for our sexuality, seeing a story where a woman’s sexual satisfaction is a central plot point is more than welcome. Honestly, it’s enough to make a girl horny.