I'm Done, They Said: Artists Saying Goodbye to The Road in 2018

It’s early in the year, but several big musicians have already announced that 2018 will be their swan song.

It may not be a surprise that these musical talents are retiring. Honestly, if it were anyone else we’d probably throw them a retirement party, hand them a gold watch and hustle them into a senior home. But because it’s the musicians we want to live forever, the ends of these touring careers are devastating.

So, why not use that saved up money for a trip to see your favorite musician perform live? The musicians below are on their final run. You’re never going to get another shot.

Elton John

The Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour is the 70-year-old’s last tour. He’s being going strong for over 50 years with full international tours, but now it’s time for this Rocket Man to pack his bags.



Neil Diamond

The “Sweet Caroline” and “Cherry Cherry” singer is calling it quits after his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The 77-year-old was on his 50 Year Anniversary World Tour with plans to visit New Zealand and Australia, but had to cancel the shows to for treatment.


Paul Simon

The New York native and beloved songwriter will play his final show in London this June. The beginning of his robust career began as the other half to Simon & Garfunkel and continued to flourish once the duo split in 1970. He’s 76 years old and ready to be homeward bound.



The heaviest metal band of the ‘80s has gone through its ups and downs with the public, but the end of their three decade reign in blood will be felt by metalheads the world over. Slayer has gone through several lineups since forming in 1981, but have always kept their music brutal and intense. Though this will be their last tour, it’s going to be epic with Lamb of God and Anthrax supporting them.


Lynyrd Skynyrd

This will be your last time to shout “play ‘Free Bird’” with the actual intention of hearing the song. Formed in 1964, the original southern rock group will also be having an epic farewell tour with musicians like Kid Rock, Hank Williams Jr. and Bad Company as guest acts.


Ozzy Osbourne

The prince of darkness’ reign is hanging up his crown. Osbourne recently said this year will be his last tour, but doesn’t protest to a few shows here and there. Goes to show you even biting the head off a bat won’t keep you young forever.