How to Party This Summer, Quarantine Style

It’s officially summer 2020 and what a bummer it’s already kicking off to be. Festivals, parties, weddings—most big ceremonies are being canceled, and you can’t even meet up with a group of friends at the beach.

What a drag.

But wait! Your summer can be salvaged. People on the Internet are starting to come up with some interesting ways to party while obeying the six-feet rule. These might seem a little excessive if you’re an introvert. But if you yearn for the days when you could really look into the eyes of all your friends and maybe even make some new ones, then these might just be the desperate measures you need to take this summer.

So suit up and party on!

Siren Sounds, a show curator and event producer in NYC, has the right idea with this Zorb mosh-pit.

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Mosh pit of @sirensoundsnyc’s first post-corona show. We miss you. Stay safe out there ❤️

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Dining outside is a MUST during the summer, so grab your frozen drink and an inner tube table to enjoy drinks in the sun six-feet apart with friends.


Another way to keep your outdoor meals going strong while staying six-feet apart is to wear pool noodles on your head, just like this German café.

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Customers sitting outside Café & Konditorei Rothe in Schwerin, Germany, had to wear straw hats with two swimming pool noodles taped to the top to abide by social distancing measures.⁠ The owner, Jacqueline Rothe, said the pool noodles were meant as a joke to bring a smile on people's faces during a difficult time. ⁠ Germany recorded the highest number of new coronavirus cases in five days on Thursday, as the government gradually lifts restrictions on daily life. Still, the infection rate dropped further below a key threshold.⁠ ⁠ 📷: Café & Konditorei Rothe⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

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A fun summer game that keeps everyone apart is a good ol’ fashion squirt gun match. Just no close shooting!

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In April, a Michigan priest gave his congregation an Easter blessing using a toy gun full of holy water to keep in line with social distancing requirements.⁠ ⁠ Larry Peplin captured these photos of the drive-through blessing, showing Father Tim Pelc of the St Ambrose Parish in Grosse Pointe Park standing a safe distance from the road as he said a blessing for families and food the day before Easter.⁠ ⁠

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If you’re a hugger, then this family’s idea of a shielded hugging station is perfect for you and your homies.

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This family built a “hug guard” so they could hug their grandma while social distancing. Crying. Brb. RG: @katiecouric

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I know it’s just a meme, but hazmat suits are starting to look real good after several months of isolation…

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I specifically specialize in corona, not the virus😊. #offensivememes #memes #memesdaily #meme #offensive #reddit #dankmemes #darkhumor #darkmemes #corona🍺#virus #humor #funny #jokes

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If you’ve truly already lost it in quarantine, then you might be good with just a simple photoshop job of you and all your friends at the beach. Wow, look at you guys! What a fun summer you had in 2020. Haha! Good times.

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What are your summer plans? Mine? Social distancing and photoshopping old photos with me and my friends in new locations. I’m having too much fun with this. 😂 We are having a blast at the beach!!☀️🍁🥳 @jenn.repp * @audreylazzara * @snowboardninja @lfcmma Where should we go next? * * * How are you coping with #2020 ? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * #travel #photoshop #keeppracticing #friends #lingeriefighting #beach #sunshine #summer #socialdistancing #photoshopping #badphotoshop #live #laugh #love #friendship #laughter #travelbuddies #aloha #california #hawaii #bermuda #bahamas #comeonprettymama #keylargo #montego #babywhydontwego #sand #surf

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