Hong Kong Protest Tactics Demonstrators in the U.S. Can Learn From

The American people are angry, and rightfully so. Too many black lives have been ended by murderous cops. So, those wanting to fight for justice have taken to the streets. But we’re far from the first country to publicly protest injustice. Black Lives Matter has been doing so here for years now, but perhaps looking at what’s recently worked in other countries can further help protesters in supporting the BLM cause.

Demonstrations in Hong Kong started last year, and don’t look like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon. Pieces like this one will help break down the protest mechanisms and politics. But protestors in Hong Kong have something real to offer protestors in the U.S. and across the globe—useful tactics for dealing with tear gas, pepper spray, police vehicles, and more. All peacefully, of course.

Here are a few examples of the tactics Hong Kong protestors have employed that might be useful here in the U.S. and abroad…

Traffic Cones

Use traffic cones and bottles of water to extinguish tear gas, or if you have the means, use a leaf blower to blow away the gas. And invest in some heat-resistant gloves so you can pick up the canisters and toss them far away.

Protesters in Hong Kong have some of the smartest tactics when fighting with our own police brutality. Here is an example of how they put out tear gas. from nextfuckinglevel

Plastic Wrap

Use plastic wrap around your exposed skin to help against the effects of pepper spray, and, obviously, good googles help shield your eyes.

Plastic wrap is also good for setting booby traps against small police/military vehicles.

Recently a police vehicle was trapped by this plastic wrap. from HongKong


Bricks are being strategically placed by authorities to encourage violence, thus they can say they were provoked, or, worse, eventually declare martial law. Instead of throwing them, use these handy bricks to create roadblocks.

Human Chains

Forming human chains can be an effective way to keep crowds together, and using hand signals help get supplies to where they’re needed.


Umbrellas can block rubber bullets and beanbag rounds, which is great protection for those on the front lines. But you might want to bring multiple umbrellas because they can only really take a single hit.

More Info

For more info, here is a website that provides a clear and organized list of Hong Kong protest tactics and tips. Also, this Reddit thread has lost of great comments on how to properly form and protest.

And this YouTube video visually rounds up most of HK’s best protest tactics: