Head Banging, Musical Brewing And More This Week on BTRtoday

A lot goes into getting ready for Halloween. You need to perfect your costume. You can’t forget that giant bag of candy for trick-or-treaters. And yes, ultimately you have to pick which acquaintance’s apartment you’ll drink too much liquor at.

It’s a lot to think about. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid Halloween stress by focusing on simple pleasures. Head-banging at an NYC punk debut washes it all away. So to does getting lost in a spooky Netflix series. Same goes for sipping on a cold beer brewed by a saxophonist. Trust us, it works.

Flasyd’s Debut with The Crack Pipes and Vacay Ultra

Punk rockers brand new and pioneers came out to get everyone boogying down last Friday night.

The Haunting of Hill House: Spooks and Disappointments

The epic demented horror series is pure genius until the last couple episodes. Beware: Spoilers ahead!

The Saxophonist Who Started a Brewery

Chris Cuzme finds that music and brewing pair like a charm.

The U.N.’s War on Drugs is a Total Failure

A new report from the International Drug Policy Consortium details the destructive drug policy over the last decade.

Oh Sees at Warsaw

Oh Sees tore it up at Warsaw for an epic three-night run.