Have You Been Pranked by the Huge Penis Guy Yet?

If you have no idea who this man is, then you and your friends keep your memeing wholesome.

The man known as the guy with the huge penis has been sneaking his way into the sight of everyone in quarantine right now. It started with a fake school closing text due to the coronavirus, and has now blossomed into a new genre of memes.

The world doesn’t know much about this man—only that his pornographer name is simply “Wood” and he passed away in 2016. The original photographer told TMZ  that he won’t reveal the man’s true identity, but says he wishes sites using his image for merch would share their profits with Wood’s family.

Whether you think the joke is funny or not, Wood is helping many people get through this tough time and he lives on as a 2020 Internet sensation.

I wouldn’t suggest Googling the meme unless you’re ok sifting through photos and porn sites of men with large penises sitting on beds. So I’ve shared a Twitter thread below that captures the best Wood memes around.

Enjoy and stay safe out there, everyone.