Has The Mystery of Jeffrey Epstein's Money Been Solved?

Last week, pondering the mystery of how Jeffrey Epstein funded his global pedophile empire, I guessed that he made a cutthroat play in a dirty game and was richly rewarded for it. I read Epstein’s association with a Ponzi scheme operator against his early-career windfall from retail billionaire Les Wexler and suggested that Epstein, a supposed hedge funder to the one-percent, might only pose as a money manager for the ultra-rich to cover up the real source of his income, which I didn’t speculate on. 

Luckily, the Twitter account Quantian1 speculated for me. The anonymous mathematical scientist theorized that Epstein honey-trapped billionaires with underage girls (who Epstein likely coerced) and secretly recorded and meticulously catalogued the sex crimes (hence the trove of photos of nude girls discovered in the police raid on Epstein’s NYC mansion.

While an extortion payment to a random guy named Jeff would raise suspicions of accountant and authorities, making that payment look like a money management fee for wealth investment could allow it to be hidden in plain site. As Quantian1 notes, “a $5 million quarterly fee for managing $1 billion in assets? Nobody bats an eye.” Epstein could have parked the money into a safe and relatively low effort investment, like an S&P 500 fund while making his clients/extortion victims sign over power of attorney for an additional layer of dependency and secrecy.

Honey-trapping politicians, law enforcement and government officials would let keep the prying eyes of investigators from looking at him too closely.  And by getting celebrities, academics and artists involved in the scam, you create an appearance of legitimacy for your operation.

There’s no evidence that this is what was truly going on but as the investigation into Epstein continues, it seems reasonable to assume that much of it might shake out. I’d add that it’s possible that the rich men might not merely be continually paying

You can read the tweet thread stitched together in threadreader here.