Happy Birthday to Us, Racist Watchdog and More This Week at BTRtoday

Things are sizzling over here at BTRtoday. Literally. We gave you a guide on training in the heat, a tour of some sinfully delicious desserts and pics of fat pugs in hats. Point is, our staff had a great week in the sun.

It’s also BTR’s 14th year anniversary. Happy birthday to us, hopefully our teenage years are full of the adolescent angst that makes for great storytelling. And that we don’t flunk AP bio again.

Anyway, here are some of our top picks from the week.

Best Dog Day Ever

Photo by Jeanette D. Moses

Our photoblogger infiltrated the best event of the season: The Dodo’s Best Dog Day Ever event in Brooklyn. Starring adorable fat pugs, sleepy labradors and tons of dogs in hats. Seriously, check them out. We’ll wait.

Let Me Dough Your Mind: The Doughnut Project in New York City

Photo by The Doughnut Project

Once you’ve gotten your canine fix, check out the latest decadent food craze: doughnuts with wild ingredients from famous eateries. Case in point: their doughnut collab with Hill Country BBQ is packed with beef brisket, smoked sugar, pickled pear and more. I’m sorry, what? You already ran out the door to buy one? Don’t blame you.

No Sleep For The Mystery Lights 45 Record Release Weekend

Photo by Elena Childers

Our music writer continued to baffle us as to how she shows up to work everyday, awake and everything, after she attended a weekend bash celebrating indie group The Mystery Lights. “There’s nothing like spending two days immersed in contemporary killer rock ‘n’ roll, then cooling down to a punk rock idol spinning old school rock ‘n’ roll. It’s nights like these you wish your body didn’t need sleep.”

Meet The Dog Who Barks At Twitter’s Loudest Racists

Illustration by BTRtoday

One of our writers interviewed Twitter’s Racism Watch, @RacismDog, who barks at racist tweets by the likes of Ben Shapiro. “A dog made the most sense,” one of the account’s founders told Joe Virgillito. “It’s an animal that can watch for and call out bad things, so that imagery lines up.” Good dog.

The Politics of Johnny Cash

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

“The man in black was too complex a thinker to be pinned down to an ideology.”