Greene's Holocaust Museum Apology is as Hollow as Her Politics

We’ve probably heard enough from Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for one lifetime. Her last pass through the news cycle came on the heel of some extremely dumb tweets comparing mask mandates and vaccination cards to gold stars worn by Jews during the Holocaust. The backlash was proportionally swift and harsh; even Republicans denounced Greene’s behavior. On Monday, she finally made a full attempt to atone.

Greene’s visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. was apparently in the works since her incident. During her “news availability,” Greene apologized for comparing COVID-19 restrictions to the Holocaust, saying among other things that there is “nothing comparable” to the slaughter of more than six million Jews. It was a relatively basic hat-in-hand apology, the kind you’d expect from any politician after a fuck-up. You  know, except for the fact it was a grown woman proclaiming she finally understood the gravity of the most infamous genocide in modern human history after a prescribed museum visit.

The apology raises more questions than it provides answers. The first is, who benefits from this? Certainly Republicans and other conservatives bothered by Greene’s unhinged commentary. This confirms they can reel her in, at least under the most extreme circumstances. Greene will also likely avoid censure because of it, though insisting that’s not what her trip was about. But despite attempting to strike her Holocaust comments from the record, she “didn’t retract her statement that both Democrats and Nazis are ‘national socialist.‘” And she reiterated her vehement opposition of any kind of mask mandates or vaccination restrictions.

So with that knowledge, other questions follow. For example: does anyone really think Greene got anything from this experience? The only thing she apologized for was the Holocaust comparison. Her other ridiculous bullshit still stands. Does anyone truly believe Greene would’ve apologized at all, let alone stood before reporters in front of the Holocaust Museum, if she wasn’t forced to? And is it more absurd that an elected U.S. representative held a press conference to explain that she understands the Holocaust was bad, or that this ruse isn’t even slightly believable?

Greene’s very presence in Congress brings about more questions than answers, so it makes sense this stunt would follow suit. She reportedly visited Auschwitz as a teenager, a befuddling admission which makes this entire incident looks significantly worse. Clearly that trip had no impact on her, but a visit to the museum, conveniently after she got in trouble for invoking the Holocaust, did? Maybe one reporter could’ve asked what that trip entailed. Or what hell Greene thought about the Holocaust before this allegedly illuminating museum visit.

People certainly won’t forget Greene’s Holocaust comments. It may well be her most deranged moment in Congress so far, and that’s saying something. But as of yesterday, for all intents and purposes, it’s over with. Ask Greene about it again and she’ll refer you to this press conference. None of this repudiation will matter until her next unhinged moment. This incident will come to light again, a clear example of how unfit she is to hold public office. Maybe there will be some backlash. She’ll simply cater her apology to whatever group or person she offends next time without actually taking back much of what she said; then she’ll go back to fundraising on her ignorant, reactionary, conspiratorial politics. There aren’t any conclusions to draw from this beyond its inherent bleakness. It’s just another painfully stupid sign of American political rot.