'Gossip Girl' Memes are Going Viral, XOXO

Viral memes are inevitable. They’ve become a part of life lived on the internet, something for people to treasure and share and create themselves. But quarantine has our brains a bit off-kilter, and new viral memes are moving right along with our broken, internet-saturated sheltered-in-place brains.

Like the Gossip Girl memes.

The original was created by a Facebook user named Tyler Wood and posted in a group called Useless, Unsuccessful, and Unpopular Memes on April 10. In the top frame, Blake Lively (aka Serena van der Woodsen) saying that she has to pee with Leighton Meester (aka Blair Waldorf) responding using only letters from the Gossip Girl title card. It’s absurd and a little disturbing, and naturally it went viral.

Twitter and Instagram users began creating their own interpretations, repurposing the Gossip Girl text into responses from Blair to Serena. Even Lively herself got in on it. Each new meme seems more ridiculous than the last, and just when you’ve thought every idea was exhausted, a new one pops up. So we rounded up the best ones we could find.