Goodbye to BTRtoday

A few years ago, before the election that destroyed America, I began writing at BTRtoday. It’s been a long journey but my tenure as a staff writer has come to a close as I’m off to new challenges and opportunities. I want to thank everyone who made this a fantastic start to my career as the world’s greatest journalist.

To celebrate my time here, here are my ten favorite stories I’ve written for BTRtoday.

Why the Polo Shirt is the Worst Article of Clothing

No matter what your manager or youth pastor says, the preppy classic is hideous.

What Americans Are Doing In Bed May Surprise You

Thanks to the first large-scale study examining the full array of American sexual behavior, we know that Americans are going far beyond vaginal and anal penetration.

Hot Dudes in the Kitchen is a Sham

Their guns are only as good as the pancakes they flip.

15 Years Later, ‘The Santa Clause 2’ Is Still A Sexist Nightmare

Tim Allen’s Christmas movie are somehow even worse than they have to be.

The Punishing Economics of Professional Cosplay

Breathing life into anime and video game characters takes craft, dedication and passion. But all that hustle doesn’t guarantee a living wage.

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5 Is The Ultimate Revenge Fantasy

OITNB takes place during a prison riot that turns the table on gender and power.

What I Learned Watching ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Eight Times

It’s amazing and I stand by that.

Joss Whedon’s Abusive Feminism

Joss Whedon’s feminism has always been defined solely by his love of taking strong, sexy women and making them cry.

The RompHim is the ‘No Homo’ of Fashion

A fashion trend fails to break the bonds of “bro”-dom.

The Eternal Oddball Charm of Tom Petty

I’ve listened to Tom Petty most of my life. Every time I turn him on, I feel like he’s singing directly to me.