Girl Ray Leads BTRtoday's Top 30

1. Girl Ray, Girl (Moshi Moshi)

Girl Ray, “Girl” 

2. Caroline Says, Ohio River EP (Western Vinyl)
3. Luke Lalonde, The Perpetual Optimist (Paper Bag)
4. Praises, EP Three (Hand Drawn Dracula)
5. Levitation Room, Headspace (Greenway)
6. Elliot Moss, A Change In Diet (Grand Jury)
7. Georgia Maq, Pleaser (Run For Cover)
8. Charly Bliss, Supermoon EP (Barsuk)
9. Erin Anne, Tough Love (Carpark)
10. Cigarettes After Sex, Cry (Partisan)
11. Little Scream, Speed Queen (Merge)
12. Shana Falana, Darkest Light (Arrowhawk)
13. Varsity, The Basement Takes (Run For Cover)
14. Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band, Nightmare Forever (Castle Face)
15. Kate Teague, s/t EP (Muscle Beach)
16. Lisel, Angels On The Slope (Luminelle)
17. Laume, Waterbirth (Carpark)
18. Lisa Prank, Perfect Love Song (Father/Daughter)
19. The Good Ones, Rwanda, You Should Be Loved (Anti-)
20. Bonnie Prince Billy, I Made A Place (Drag City)
21. Panda Bear, A Day With The Homies EP (Domino)
22. Boy Scouts, Free Company (Anti-)
23. No Swoon, s/t (Substitute Scene)
24. Mt Hadley, Empty (PIAS)
25. Of Montreal, UR FUN (Polyvinyl)
26. The Nunnery, We Are The Stars (Self-Released)
27. Black Marble, Bigger Than Life (Sacred Bones)
28. Chartreuse, Even Free Money Doesn’t Get Me Out Of Bed EP (PIAS)
29. Pendant, Through A Coil (Tiny Engines)
30. Jesper Lindell, Everyday Dreams (Alive NaturalSound)