Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest Could Finally Break 2020

Between a global pandemic, worldwide protests for racial equality, and record unemployment, this year has already been one for the books. But it wouldn’t feel complete without talking about Jeffrey Epstein and his elite pedophilia ring.

The FBI arrested Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of British media mogul Robert Maxwell, early Thursday morning in New Hampshire. Maxwell was the right-hand woman to infamous alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and is being charged with conspiring to sexually abuse minors.

As mysterious as Epstein was, Maxwell might be even more elusive. She allegedly recruited underage girls for Epstein’s sex trafficking operation and used her connections as a prominent socialite to that end. Maxwell has faced legal action from several victims and has largely remained out of the spotlight for the last few years, especially since Epstein’s arrest and subsequent (alleged) suicide in 2019.

Mysteries still surround Epstein’s untimely death and monstrous life. His multiple sex crime charges and connections to prominent politicians and titans of industry had people wondering, credibly, what sort of operation he was running, how he became so wealthy, and why the circumstances of his death were so bizarre. #EpsteinDidntKillHimself was trending in 2019, but with Maxwell’s arrest the memes and hashtag are coming back to light in 2020. Twitter users instantly began wondering whether or not Maxwell will survive to face trial or reveal any more information about the conspiracy theories many seem to believe.

Epstein, Maxwell, and the alleged elite sex trafficking ring deserve renewed scrutiny, especially in such a thoroughly cursed year. That Maxwell was able to hide out for the 12 months following Epstein’s arrest and death is negligent at best. Her apprehension could be the straw that breaks 2020’s back. People have lost faith in the institutions designed to keep them alive, healthy, and safe. They’re pissed off and taking to the streets to demand justice, equality, and accountability. As COVID-19 continues spreading and global systems crumble around us, further information about an elite pedophilia ring with direct ties to former (and current) world leaders could be the final crack in the dam no longer able to hold collective frustration and anger with societal structures and the elites who uphold them.