Getting Deeper into ‘The Disaster Artist’

You’ll like it very much, lover boy.

A24 has shared another trailer for The Disaster Artist, the upcoming film about the making of the worst film ever made, The Room—and there’s a lot more to it.

BTRtoday re-watched The Room after seeing the first teaser and the film still held up in its extreme awkwardness.

So, obviously, we’re pumped for The Disaster Artist.

This new trailer reveals that ultimately this project is a bonding experience for the Franco brothers. However, it also shows that The Room was written from real life events, which they act out in the film—and it’s not all stoner man-child jokes like the Franco/Rogen crew tend to do.

The trailer paints a picture of two good friends trying to follow their dreams in L.A. as actors. However, with chasing your dreams come struggles. It shows a clip of a girl betraying Wiseau in real life and scenes of rejection in the industry that actually seem depressing. It‘s pretty intense

Yet, it’s still a feel-good comedy with parts that will definitely make you laugh. For instance, in the trailer Wiseau is shown dramatically reciting “to be, or not to be” to Judd Apatow in the middle of a restaurant. The man he is performing for responds by saying,“it’s not going to happen for you; not in a million years.” Wiseau looks heartbroken, but he still pauses and asks, “but after that?” Or when they’re shooting the more-awkward-than-life sex scene and Rogen says, “Why is he having sex with her bellybutton? He knows where her vagina is, right?”

In addition to the new trailer, L.A. Times posted a YouTube video earlier this week of the Franco brothers chatting with the actual stars from The Room, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. James Franco reveals that the real Wiseau gave him hours of behind the scene footage from the making of The Room and personal recordings of Wiseau taking notes during the filming in 2003.

It also shows that these guys have a beautiful blossoming friendship. Wiseau seems extremely happy that James Franco is playing him in the film, and he has been there to help every step of the way for The Disaster Artist.

The film could’ve gone down a very mean path, where they just shit on some guy who made a bad movie in 2003. Wiseau could’ve had an entire movie dedicated to how poor of a job he did. But instead, it seems like a shoo-in film for some laughs and a happy ending. Plus, it’s inspiring to see someone who can laugh at themselves like that. We should all look up to Wiseau. He turned his dreams getting shat on into a beautiful life accomplishment.

It seems like The Disaster Artist has no boundaries. Anything for his princess.