Get Possessed by Waltzer's New Music Video for "Destroyer"

The bluesy rock ‘n’ roll musician Waltzer confesses she’s her own devil on her shoulder, lover and inspiration with “Destroyer.”

It’s a sweet and sultry track with a twangy melody. But don’t be fooled. The Chicago singer’s “Destroyer” is here to tear you apart and keep you coming back for more.

Waltzer calls “Destroyer” a “‘60s rock ballad for the hopeless and the creatures in all of us.” The new music video premiering below puts its sinister views on a silver platter.

The video starts with Waltzer listlessly walking supermarket aisles until she’s by chance transported to a forest where she dances with her inner demons and comes to terms with every aspect of herself—the good and the bad.

With “Destroyer,” Waltzer proves you can use your personal darkness for inspiration and growth.

Catch Waltzer Feb. 13 at The Broadway in Brooklyn and then on the road starting in March.