From the Knicks to Punk Rock, Fandom Rules

This week, America learned all about “civility,” when a restaurant owner refused service to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the mouthpiece for American fascism. Many cried “why can’t we just be nice to fascists?” To which we here at BTRtoday say “fuck that.” Listen to our coverage of civility and the family separation immigration crisis on The Daily Beat podcast.

At BTRtoday we were all about the fans. NBA fans, science fiction fans and music lovers. “Drenched in disco lights and glitter,” our music writer partied all night long with BTR favorite Las Rosas and French-pop Champagne Superchillin’. Read her account here and find the rest of our picks for the week below.

Prism Tats at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Our photoblogger captured the bearded brilliance of psychedelic post-punk band Prism Tats at their show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They shared the stage with indie math rockers Maps and Atlases.

George Lucas Isn’t God and Yes, You’re Sexist

Screenshot from the “Remake The Last Jedi” trailer

Some hardcore Star Wars fans are campaigning to remake The Last Jedi because there were some women in the movie. But despite what rabid fans believe, “[George] Lucas didn’t event space wizards or their complex emotional arcs.”

A Chat and Double Song Premiere With Telefones

Photo by Aaron Kirk

Telefones explained their name and recounted their first cell phones. “Some poor droid I lost to the sea.”

Taking Knicks Fans to Film School

Photo courtesy of Keith Allison, via Wikimedia Commons

Read our profile of Jeff Balone’s Knicks Film School, for Knicks superfans only. “I figure if I’m wasting all this time watching the Knicks, I might as well be productive about it,” says Balone.