'Friends' Is Gone From Netflix and They’re Not On a Break

Nobody told me life was gonna be this way. Friends is off Netflix.

It’s what Friends fans have dreaded since Netflix announced in July that it was losing the iconic ‘90s/early-2000s sitcom. But even though we knew we would lose Friends on Jan 1., fans like me weren’t prepared for the reality of life without the show. We’re straight up not having a good time.

It’s hard to say goodbye to Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe, characters we thought would always be there for us. Fans of Friends are as heartbroken as Rachel at the airport watching Ross get off the plane with Julie.

Plus, Netflix is also losing The Office in 2021. Can Netflix be more about to lose tons of subscribers? Both shows are integral parts of people’s lives and play in the background on a daily basis. It really feels like the streaming service is pulling a Monica.

Friends is especially one of those kinds of shows for lots of millennials. I can’t remember ever helping my mom with dinner or waiting for my friends to call my flip phone without Friends playing in the background. Just hearing Janis’ annoying laugh or Joey saying “how you doin’?” makes me feel at home. Every time I’ve moved to a new city (and I’ve lived in at least five different cities since I turned 18) I’ve rewatched all of Friends just to have a little taste of home.

I’m not the only one upset. Friends fans have been blasting the internet with complaints.


Many fans on Reddit are mad the way streaming services are going—thinking subscribers are going to have more than one service is ridiculous. A Reddit user commented, “I’m going to work on torrenting this now. I refuse to pay cable like prices again.” With many others saying they’d go back to illegally torrenting before subscribing to multiple streaming services.

One fan, Sam Di Carlo even told BTRtoday that she needs to have it playing in the background “every waking moment” of her life.

“[The show] means everything to me, I feel like the characters are in a way people I know, as crazy as it sounds,” Di Carlo says. “No matter what kind of day I’m having I can always turn it on and either feel better or feel just happy the show exists.”

The show moves to WarnerMedia’s new streaming service HBO Max in May, but that means five months without Friends. What are we supposed to do during the depressing winter months without Friends? This is peak Friends watching season. Sure, you can still watch reruns on cable TV, but what millennial actually has cable? Or we could buy episodes on Amazon Prime or Youtube, I guess.

But let’s be honest, most devoted Friends fans have a DVD boxset already of all the seasons. Now, I just gotta dig up that DVD player I bought in 2009.