Fran Leads BTRtoday's Weekly Top 30

1. Fran, A Private Picture (Fire Talk)

Fran, “Company”

2. Ali Barter, Hello, I’m Doing My Best (Inertia/PIAS)
3. Lisa Prank, Perfect Love Song (Father/Daughter)
4. Jesper Lindell, Everyday Dreams (Alive NaturalSound)
5. Patrick Watson, Wave (Domino)
6. Charly Bliss, Supermoon EP (Barsuk)
7. Geowulf, My Resignation (PIAS)
8. Shantih Shantih, Someone, Anyone? (Wild Honey)
9. Levitation Room, Headspace (Greenway)
10. Shana Falana, Darkest Light (Arrowhawk)
11. The Nunnery, We Are The Stars (Self-Released)
12. The Deer, Do No Harm (Keeled Scales)
13. Allah Las, LAHS (Mexican Summer)
14. Pendant, Through A Coil (Tiny Engines)
15. Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox, Myths 004 EP (Mexican Summer)
16. Luke Temple, Both-And (Native Cat)
17. Sean Henry, A Jump From The High Dive (Double Double Whammy)
18. Kate Teague, s/t EP (Muscle Beach)
19. Hovvdy, Heavy Lifter (Double Double Whammy)
20. Black Marble, Bigger Than Life (Sacred Bones)
21. Thomas Mudrick, Ten Dollar Soup Collection (Ten Dollar)
22. Panda Bear, A Day With The Homies EP (Domino)
23. Anamanaguchi, [USA] (Polyvinyl)
24. Molly Sarlé, Karaoke Angel (Partisan)
25. Mikal Cronin, Seeker (Merge)
26. Roland Tings, Salt Water (Cascine)
27. Cigarettes After Sex, Cry (Partisan)
28. Chartreuse, Even Free Money Doesn’t Get Me Out Of Bed EP (PIAS)
29. Erin Anne, Tough Love (Carpark)
30. Mail The Horse, s/t (Baby Robot)