Foxwarren Leads BTRtoday's Weekly Top 30

1. Foxwarren, s/t (Anti-/Arts & Crafts)

Foxwarren “Everything Apart”

2. Nehiyawak, Starlight EP (Arts & Crafts)
3.Tallies, s/t (Kanine)
4. Wussy, What Heaven Is Like (Shake-It)
5. Jane Church, Calimocho Molotov! (Greenway)
6. Tropa Magica, s/t (Tropi)
7. Suncreen, Just A Drop (Self-Released)
8. Rose Droll, Your Dog (Father/Daughter)
9. Zoe Boekbinder, Shadow (Self-Released)
10. The Flesh Eaters, I Used To Be Pretty (Yep Roc)
11. Night Beats, Myth Of A Man (Heavenly/PIAS)
12. Strange Ranger,How It All Went By EP (Tiny Engines)
13. Say Sue Me, Where We Were Together (Damnably/Electric)
14. Mattiel, Customer Copy (Burger)
15. Julia Holter, Aviary (Domino)
16. Angelo De Augustine, Tomb (Asthmatic Kitty)
17. Savak, Beg Your Pardon (Ernest Jenning)
18. The Ting Tings, (Finca)
19. Gabe Goodman, Dismissing The Gardener EP (Salient)
20. Roving Reporter, Joie De Vivre (Self-Released)
21. Lisa/Liza, Momentary Glance (Orindal)
22. Mel Parsons, Glass Heart (Cape Road)
23. Grandchildren, “Zuni” Single (Ernest Jenning)
24. Praises, In This Year: Ten Of Swords (Hand Drawn Dracula)
25. Bicicletas Por La Paz, Surfeando Un Cometa (Self-Released)
26. Tomorrows Tulips, Harnessed To Flesh (Burger)
27. Lambda Celsius, Ana Echo And The Beauty Of Indifference (Scorpion Beach/Banana Tapes)
28. Nylon Smile, Angel Of Doubt (Citrus City)
29. Ice Palace, How I Came To Win The War (Korda)
30. Tow Medicine, Astropsychosis (Bella Union/PIAS)