Fox News Men Can’t Shut Up

You’re not delusional. Women really can’t get a word in edgewise on Fox News.

I used an app to clock how much the network’s men dominate conversations. Big shocker: it’s a lot.

Aptly named “Are Men Talking Too Much?,” the simple interface has “a dude” button and “not a dude” button. Click one and the the timer starts and calculates the percent the gender speaks in a conversation.

Screenshot of the Are Men Talking Too Much app

I used the site to do some science on Fox and Friends. The show’s known for obnoxious male hosts, racist Brian Kilmeade and sexual predator Steve Doocy, who habitually disparage and silence female hosts and guests. Former Fox and Friend Gretchen Carlson named Steve Doocy in her sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes, accused him of “shunning her on air,” “belittling her contributions” and treating her as a “blond, female prop”

This show’s hosts are begging to be sociological test subjects for Are Men Talking Too Much. I watched the recent June 11 episode, where Ivanka Trump said she was shocked at how “vicious” people are to her dad.

In the first segment, men spoke for 79 percent of the conversation. That’s nine minutes and 30 seconds of dude and four minutes and four seconds of not a dude. Co-host Ainsley Earhardt would talk for about 10 to 30 seconds before one of her male co-hosts would interrupt her to “agree” with her point by making it more loudly. Their mansplanations took several minutes compared to her brief spurts of words.

Over the next half hour, men dominated the conversation by a whopping 96 percent. That includes the time occupied by a female reporter for a news alert.

The latter half of the episode was roughly a 50-50 split between dude and not a dude, with dude occasionally dipping to 49 and even 43 percent. Before you grab your pussy hat in celebration: this was the part with gender traitor Ivanka Trump. Doocy was apparently less comfortable interrupting the daughter of the POTUS than his female coworkers.

The other main female guest on the show was, meteorologist and occasional Fox News anchor Janice Dean. During this segment, the dude button won by a slimmer margin than the beginning of the episode. Still, it’s not exactly a sign of overthrowing the patriarchy considering Dean was talking about her recent wedding. The women talked more when the subject was “girl stuff.” Nevertheless, the men still talked more.

Using Are Men Talking Too Much proves that reality fails the Bechdel test as badly as fiction. Dean discussed her husband and Trump, of course, discussed her father, the Orange Menace himself.

I wasn’t sure what to do with Are Men Talking Too Much’s when men talked over women. That was a big issue; Steve Doocy loves piling sentences over a woman’s words.

I wasn’t sure if I should push dude or not a dude? Earhardt had the floor but Doocy hijacked it. If I push dude, am I complicit in the patriarchy? Am I taking away a fellow woman’s voice by giving credit to the man? Am I single-handedly responsible for the oppression of women everywhere? So much pressure.

I pushed dude.