Fourth of July, False Alarms and Firearms

Seeing is believing, but at BTR, listening is just as important. We made you a beautiful Fourth of July playlist, waded through the gun girl’s triggering tweets, and hunted down the truth about a surprise album release that was too good to be true.

Did St. Vincent Just Secretly Drop a New Album?

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Takahiro Kyono

It turns out she didn’t actually put out an album, but the indie pop queen had the internet buzzing for hours. What was the deal behind Spotify’s mistake?

Kaitlin Bennett Triggers the Libs

Image courtesy of YouTube user Ed Sanora

She might not have anything original to say, but the gun girl’s newfound conservative celebrity proves that triggering liberals with gun pictures is enough to make you a right wing star.

Immigrant Indie Rockers Playlist

Album artwork collage by Elena Childers

Immigrants make America great. They also make indie rock great. Don’t believe us? Check out this playlist and thank us later.

Patriotic ‘80s Songs Still Rock

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A.

Patriotic songs have taken on a new tone in the Trump era. But how do #MURICA ballads from the 1980s hold up today? Elena Childers investigates.

Families Belong Together Photo Blog

Image by Jeanette D. Moses

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Cadman Plaza, Jeanette Moses captured all the sights from the Families Belong Together march and rally in NYC.