Five Epic Moments From “U Talkin’ U2 to Me”

In celebration of U2’s headlining 2017’s Bonnaroo festival, BTRtoday presents a series on how our editor-in-chief learned to stop worrying and love U2. Read part one here. Want to see Bono and the boys at Bonnaroo? BTRtoday is giving away tickets. Click here for info.

In 2014, Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman and Parks and Recreation actor Adam Scott started a podcast devoted to their shared interest in the music of U2. It went off the rails almost immediately. The Scotts’ sincere affection for U2’s music was no match for their love of absurdist deadpan humor and epic length digressions. They invented catch phrases and fictional podcasts on the fly, got on each others’ nerves and smugly presented ridiculous assertions as verified facts.

The result was the finest small batch podcast the internet’s ever seen. Here are five key highlights from the show’s run.

The White House Visit

Both Scotts played a part in the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Scott Aukerman directed Obama’s appearance on Zach Galifianakis’ parody talk show Between Two Ferns and Adam Scott made some video nobody cared about but earned an invite nonetheless. When they were invited to the White House, nerves were high and the two funny idiots threw up U2 gang signs in the White House press room.

Todd Glass Doesn’t Know Who Bono is

Stand up comic and singularly absurd character Todd Glass appeared on the episode “Staind Glass,” for the nominal purpose of discussing the Nu Metal band Staind and justify the wordplay of the episode title. But before they got to the “It’s Been Awhile” band, Glass hilariously demonstrated his complete ignorance of U2’s music.

Adam Scott Wants T-Shirts

It was a good riff when it was only available in sounds but the genius animation of the Scotts trying to hunt down “The Fly” era Bono is too perfect for words.

Achtung (baby?)

Hey, it turns out that saying “Achtung Baby” over and over activates some the silliest and most ironic parts of a brain’s pleasure centers.

They Actually Meet U2

While it seems inevitable in hindsight, actually interviewing U2 on the show was an absurd impossibility before it happened.