Feeling Thor? Reach For an Avengers Sex Toy

In the upcoming superhero crossover epic, Avengers: Infinity Wars, a giant purple alien journeys to earth in search of magic space stones. Standing in his way is a half naked green rage giant, a charming billionaire in a bespoke robot suit and  three hot muscle guys named Chris.

It’s a multi-million dollar power fantasy. And it’s really turning people on.

Geeky Sex Toys is the perfect adult toymaker to harness that energy. They specialize in mining nerd culture for untapped sexual potential, like last year’s Star Wars-themed “Star Toys,” and putting a sexy twist on fondly remembered fantasy creations, like their literally twisting unicorn horn dildo.

Now, they’re putting the “ass” in “Avengers Assemble” with The Indulgers: Pleasure War, with toys for sexually adventurous superhero fans of all kinds.

Captain Anal

Captain America, the First Avenger, this patriotic plug is “The First Indulger.” The buttplug is outfitted with the super soldier’s iconic shield on its end, so your partner can look at it the whole time they’re, um, engaging with the enemy?

The Incredible Dong

This is a dildo fit for the Incredible Hulk. This green monstrosity has 8.5 insertable inches of veiny goodness, not to mention a whopping 7.8 inches of girth. Gives a whole new meaning to “Hulk smash.”

Infinity Fist

Space Villain Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet is a threat to the entire galaxy.  The 9.5 inch dildo the Infinity Fist is a threat to anyone trying to sleep nearby.

Arse Reactor

Power your butt play all night long with this sleek plug, complete with a glow-in-the-dark base. It also happens to be Chief Toy Maker and co-founder Josh Porter’s favorite. And it glows in the dark. You won’t be soaring through the atmosphere in a robot suit, but you will be flying … into the orgasmosphere.

Agent Getsmeoff

Like Agent Romanoff herself, this toy can do it all. This sleek fleshlight is made of bodysafe “super skin” material for a more realistic feel. It also vibrates, with three speeds and nine patterns to choose from.


This “arrow dildo” has a curved tip and straight shaft. At a reasonable but not intimidating six inches and with a thin girth, this is designed for the pegging novice. But, unlike Hawkeye in the Infinity Wars trailer, you’ll know exactly where this is hiding.


CEO and co-founder Emma Tripp has always had a thing for Thor. So it’s no wonder this super-strong dildo is her favorite. As a fellow Thor lover, I completely understand. Just wait for the thunderous orgasms to start rolling in.