Fake Coachella Lineups the Internet Wants

You can’t please everybody when you set a music festival’s lineup. Especially one as large scale as Coachella.

Some fans demand big stars on a big stage with pyrotechnics, an epic light show and sexy backup dancers. Others want their fests stripped down, with indie bands playing with simple set ups that don’t distract from the music. And neither of those would please the ones who want to dance for days as DJs blast whatever they can for as long as they can.

If these larger festivals listened to their attendees, they’d never be able to settle on a lineup. So, it’s no surprise that not everyone is happy with the official 2020 Coachella lineup announced on Jan. 3.

The festival line-up is packed with big-time pop stars like Travis Scott, Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean and features old school alt rockers Rage Against the Machine as the first night’s headliner. But so many people on the internet wish the lineup had gone another way. And they’re telling Coachella’s organizers how the festival should really go.

Check out the mock 2020 lineups for Coachella the internet is shouting for.

To be honest, I would 1000% go to Gaychella. How could I miss Jewel smoking a Juul?


Coachella is already bro-centric, but this lineup really emphasizes that characteristic of the festival.


This lineup is for fans of old school rock, rap, pop punk, Nicolas Cage and flavortown but Jake from State Farm is the can’t miss act of this fest.

I’m not exactly sure which fan group this lineup is catering to. People who love compiling top keyword searches maybe?  But I really wanna go.


I honestly don’t know who these headliners are, but the first two hashtags are #metalcore and #deathcore so I’m gonna go with that.


Hmmm … I don’t really see a difference between this lineup and the real one.


I don’t know India’s music scene, but I guess this is the Coachella they’re looking for.


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