Facebook Dating is a Horrible Idea and Everyone Already Knows It

Facebook is excited about its new in-site dating app, Facebook Dating, an app that will feature single-tap profile creation, Instagram story sharing and “Secret Crush” lists. But the rest of the world is a little less excited and the reason is obvious. For all its features and quirks, it sure seems like Facebook Dating is really just another avenue to collect your personal data.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has lost all benefit of the doubt when it comes to data mining. Thanks to Facebook,  corporate and government entities have a robust picture of your life, your travels, your social network and your consumer preferences. But there are things Facebook doesn’t yet know, like what you look for in a partner and who you actually like. And while they certainly have enough information to make an accurate guess at our romantic interests and kinks, why not make it easier by letting us tell them?

It’s easy to shrug your shoulders and opt-in to something like this. Facebook’s already monetized our data—what’s the point in fighting it? But the general greed here is too great to overlook. Facebook, one of the most powerful companies in the world, doesn’t need a dating app to make more money. It’s big and only getting bigger, now with a full-scale marketplace to rival Craigslist and eBay. By introducing a dating option, Facebook isn’t just after more personal data—they’re trying to monopolize life.

Fortunately, most people are pretty wise to Facebook’s transparent data play—at least on Twitter. And if we can’t enjoy our online privacy, we might as well enjoy jokes about it.