Exclusive Video Premiere: “My Place” by The Rad Trads

We furnish our places almost entirely with stuff from Ikea already. So why not cut out the middleman and just live at an Ikea store? Well, the Rad Trads are a step ahead of you.

In their new video for their track “My Place,” premiering exclusively at BTRtoday, The Rad Trads go full From Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil Frankweiler on the Swedish home assembly furniture store. Looking like they’re L-I-V-I-N at an Ikea no doubt took oodles of clever camerawork and a lot of effort outrunning suspicious store employees. We can’t imagine the Brooklyn quintet broke a sweat, though. The conservatory-trained instrumentalists who created the scruffy and lived-in groove underlying “My Place” can handle a little retail incognito.

“It was two intensely fun (and awkward) days of guerrilla-style shooting in various Ikea display rooms and while I didn’t originally write the song with the Swedish chain in mind, there’s no unlinking the two now,” Rad Trads guitarist Alden Harris-McCoy said.

Check out the video above, lean back on your Ingolf and the “My Place” vibe guide your day. Tomorrow night, watch the Rad Trads mix punk rock energy, horn drenched soul and jazz precision into their signature celebratory mood at The Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn when they open for Bailen.