Exclusive Song Premiere: “Anarchy” by J Hacha De Zola

J Hacha De Zola will be the first to tell you that his new single isn’t a pretty song.

“Anarchy’ throbs like a headache,” he says.

The bouncy dirge opens with a trombone playing a lurching melody on the lowest registers of the instrument, beckoning listeners somewhere exciting and unfamiliar where menace looms heavy in the air. It’s a place to escape yourself and, unless you’re careful, never return. By the time De Zola launches into his wild man howl, you know you’re far from home and need to give into the mood to survive the day.

“There’s a certain element of hopelessness and resignation to it, a giving of oneself over to chaos or oblivion,” De Zola said.

De Zola calls his style urban junkyard music. By day a biochemist, the Rahway, NJ musician makes music overflowing with villains, spells, desires, romance, danger, redemption, and revelations—everything we try to discard and deny in our waking lives.

De Zola’s album Icaro Nouveau will be out March 8. Listen to our exclusive stream of “Anarchy” below.