Everything is Cake Now

Object cakes aren’t new. Innovative bakers have been turning everyday items into insanely realistic looking cakes for years. They’re the kind of thing you’re equal parts awed and disgusted by, wondering simultaneously how someone could make a cake look like a tube of toothpaste and why on earth anyone would actually want to eat it.

The above video went viral last week in all its confounding glory. But people were less amazed by the cakes than they were horrified as to why someone would want to cut into and eat a pair of Crocs or bar of soap. Internet users began wondering if everything in their lives was also cake—including friends and relatives. Naturally, that led to several days of totally healthy, normal, reality-questioning jokes and memes.




By Monday, big brands and companies had caught on, effectively killing the jokes. But Twitter (and internet) users everywhere will remember the weekend when were were so collectively bored and beaten down from the rigors of reality that cake finally broke us.