Even If You're Vaccinated, the CDC Recommends ... These Memes

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still has guidelines for those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. They still recommend wearing masks, keeping social distance, and trying not to gather in large groups. A year into the pandemic, though, people can’t help themselves. The vaccine represents some level of freedom and relief for most people—they want to get outside, move around, and start living some semblance of their pre-pandemic lives.

But the CDC guidelines felt just a little too stiff—almost like it was asking to be parodied. And it was. By everyone.

The jokes aren’t just because people don’t believe in the post-vax guidelines. They’re more likely in response to scolds on Twitter demanding people continue to live in lockdown after receiving the vaccine. You know the type—the person saying getting vaccinated isn’t a license to party of do whatever you want. Yeah, that’s true, but it’s been more than a year of this. Twitter vaccine hall monitors aren’t helping anyone.

You what is actually helping people? Corny formatted Twitter jokes. You can take the CDC recommendations in any direction—some are about relatable everyday hijinks, some are political, some are just plain irreverent. But they all get at the sense of general relief that we might finally be near the end of this thing.

Woah, that got a little meta. That’s probably enough. Seriously, listen to this last one and go hydrate. Thanks for reading.