Eric Swalwell: Unknown 2020 Dems

Twenty candidates will participate in the first Democratic primary debates on Wednesday and Thursday. But outside the top contenders, most candidates are complete mysteries. BTRtoday takes a brief look at the Unknown Dems of the 2020 primary.

Swalwell is an affable, young Democratic up-and-comer that no one knew of before the Russia investigations. Serving as a member of the House Judiciary Committe, he’s used that issue to (barely) catapult himself into the national discussion and have a go at the White House. His government website has several pages dedicated to Russia and he’s offered several quotes about the investigation, so, naturally, he’s found favor with Mueller-obsessed liberals. And he’s done a decent amount of Trump trolling on Twitter.

Beyond his newfound popularity, Swalwell doesn’t really stand out most 2020 issues. Gun control is his central issue (besides Russia), and has spoken about his desire for an assault weapons ban. In 2016, Swalwell broadcasted the Democrats’ gun violence sit-in on Facebook Live. He’s also sparred with gun rights activists on Twitter (albeit in an extremely polite manner) and appears concerned about rising student debt, considering he admittedly carries more than $100,000 worth himself.

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