Electric Zoo, Hard Seltzers and Ballin' Bernie This Week on BTRtoday

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Monday 9/2

Skux Goes From Park Ranger to Punk Rock

A Day With Death Valley Girls In Atlanta

Runners Shouldn’t Fear Tennis

Tuesday 9/3

Video Premiere: Beau Jennings, “The Other Side”

Israel’s Electric Zoo Takes You On A Spiritual & Psychedelic Trip

Wednesday 9/4

How Much of a Baller is Bernie?

Between Two Ferns: The Movie is Just an Excuse For More Celebrity Interviews (And That’s Cool With Us)

Thursday 9/5

Faux Ferocious Soothed a Stressed Out Brooklyn

Hard Seltzers to Sip Now that White Claw Summer is Ending

Friday 9/6

Facebook Dating is a Horrible Idea and Everyone Already Knows It

Premiering Fruit & Flowers Cautionary Track “Run, Run, Run”