DYGL Releases Sophomore Album ‘Songs of Innocence & Experience’

DYGL pronounces their name day-glo and plays true-blue rock ‘n’ roll hits that’ll get every hair on your body standing up. Their sophomore album, just released today, is this times a million—Songs of Innocence & Experience stimulates the whole body.

Lead-off track “Hard To Love” combines the tenderness of Alex Turner with the feistiness of Karen O and the chemical your body releases when you fall in love. “Hard To Love” is followed by the dancey “A Paper Dream.” If this bubblegum thrasher doesn’t get you swaying and screaming then you must not have ears.

DYGL, “A Paper Dream”

The Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. produced DYGL’s 2017 debut album, Say Goodbye to Memory Den, so their early 2000s indie rock vibe is no mystery. Hammond’s influence of a romantic sound is still evident in the stripped down yet chaotic vibe of the new LP.

Since forming in Tokyo in 2012, the Japanese quartet—Nobuki Akiyama (vocals/guitar), Kohei Kamoto (drums), Yotaro Kachi (bass) and Yosuke Shimonaka (guitar) have toured most of Asia and throughout Europe. They were a hit at this year’s SXSW in Austin, TX and plan on hitting up more of the U.S. They head back to the EU with NYC’s The Mystery Lights this September.

In the meantime, listen to DYGL’s Songs of Innocence & Experience below and let yourself become obsessed.